Small business owners, Save money on your taxes while staying compliant with ACA regulations

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has placed a burden on employers to keep up with changing healthcare reform regulations. Don’t worry, the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce has your back with its partnership with Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC).  

The Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce has partnered with TASC, a national third-party benefits administrator, to bring you solutions that save you and your small business money and keep you in compliance with the changing tax laws. TASC has been successfully administering these Plans for over 40 years. They offer a variety of tax-advantaged benefit Plans that can save you thousands of dollars a year—whether your business sponsors Group Insurance or not. More importantly, every Plan is protected by an Audit Guarantee so you can rest assured that these tax savings are legitimate and protected!

Get a FREE tax savings analysis when you complete our short form. A benefits specialist from TASC will contact you to review your results.

Save $5,000 a year on your medical expenses!

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